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Plus Pack for BVS Solitaire Collection

To download BVS Solitaire Plus Pack please fill in the form below:

Registered Users of BVS Solitaire Collection!

You can download and install Plus Pack.

Plus Pack adds the following features to your BVS Solitaire Collection:

  • 100 additional excellent backgrounds can be selected using Background tab of Options|Options dialog.
  • 33 additional card sets can be selected using Card Sets tab of Options|Options dialog.
  • 80 additional card backs can be selected
    using Card Backs tab of Options|Options dialog.

New card set "New Club Cards" is included into Plus Pack

New Club Cards
New Club Cards card set

Other Plus Pack card sets:

Art Nouveau
Art Nouveau card set
Carte Medicee
Carte Medicee card set
Luxury Cards
Luxury Cards card set
Paris Pattern
Paris Pattern card set
European Capitals
European Capitals card set
Travelling card set
Whist card set
Club-Carte Large Print
Club-Carte Large Print card set
English Large Print
English Large Print card set
Guyenne card set
Luxus Club-Karte
Luxus Club-Karte card set
Baroness card set
Club-Karte card set
Hunters Pack
Hunters Pack card set
Shakespeare card set
Swiss Costumes
Swiss Costumes card set
English Pattern
English Pattern card set
Empire card set
Jumbo Index
Jumbo Index card set
Van Gogh
Van Gogh card set
Palekh (by Alexey Orleansky)
Palekh card set
Letter card set
Rokoko card set
Historical Costumes
Historical Costumes card set

and more...