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Where do I enter my registraion key?

If you do not have BVS Solitaire Collection already installed on your computer you can download file bvssol.exe from https://www.bvssolitaire.com/downloads/bvssol.exe . Run it to install BVS Solitaire Collection on your computer.

Run BVS Solitaire Collection and find Help|Register item in the BVS Solitaire Collection menu.  Take a look at the screenshot below:

screenshot 1

Click this menu item and a registration screen will be displayed. Take a look at the screenshot below:

screenshot 2

Enter your registration name and registration key into the textboxes where indicated.

Please note that you should enter your registration information (both registration name and registration key) exactly as it is provided below. Please also note that your registration name is CASE SENSITIVE.

So if you are registered as John Dow, you should enter John Dow, but not JOHN DOW or john.

Press OK button. If your registration information is accepted, then a screen is displayed that says that your key has been accepted an all solitaire games has been unlocked.