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BVS Solitaire Collection
for iPad and iPhone

BVS Solitaire Collection Icon

If you are looking for Solitaire App for your Apple devices with the great selection of different games and wide customization capabilities, look no further as you have come to the right place.

BVS Solitaire Collection 1.6.137 for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch is a high-quality collection of 330 solitaire games and it gives you endless hours of solitaire entertainment.

All popular solitaire games are included, such as Spider Solitaire, Pyramid, Bisley, FreeCell, Tri-Peaks, Canfield, Klondike, Scorpion, Seahaven Towers, Accordion, Russian Solitaire, Forty Thieves etc. There are also several dozens of original solitaire variations that are unique for BVS Solitaire Collection

Another unique feature is the ability to fine-tune the rules of the included games and create your own unique solitaire variations.

You can play BVS Solitaire Collection in both portrait and landscape modes. Move cards with a single tap (in addition to drag and drop) for faster and easier Gameplay. Swipe up to automatically play all suitable cards on foundations. Hint button lets you examine the possible moves. When you’re stuck, you can use the unlimited Undos to come back and try another approach.

BVS Solitaire Collection is a universal app: buy once, play on iPad, iPhone and iPod!


  • Landscape and portrait support
  • Right and left handed layouts
  • Modify rules and create your own sloitaire variations
  • Single tap to move cards (in addition to drag and drop)
  • selection of different card sets
  • Excellent high quality backgrounds and card backs
  • Hint button lets you examine the possible moves
  • Long-press on any pile to see the type of this pile, the number of cards in it, and the building rules
  • Autoplay on/off option
  • Create/Restore game snapshots
  • unlimited undo/redo
  • and more...