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What's NEW in BVS Solitaire Collection 8.4

New Features

  • Play | Card Finder: You can use this feature to quickly find any visible face-up card in the game layout. Click on the card image in the Card Finder window to have one or more cards of selected suit and rank highlighted within the layout.
  • Another way to find a card is to use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-V + Card Rank + Card Suit. To do this, press and release Ctrl-V then, using the characters shown below, press and release Card Rank, then press and release Card Suit. For example, to find the 10 of Hearts, press Ctl-V, then t, then h.
    • Card Rank is one of the following characters: a (for Ace), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, t (for Ten), j (for Jack), q (for Queen, k (for King).
    • Card Suit is one of the following characters: c (for Clubs), d (for Diamonds), h (for Hearts) and s (for Spades).
  • New autoplay option (turned on by default) Autoplay pause: Make manual choice where more than one build option on Miscelllaneous tab of Options dialog. Turn this feature off to revert back to the old autoplay behaviour.

New Plus Pack Features

New card set "Travelling".

Travelling card set
Travelling card set

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Version History

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