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Accordion Solitaire

1 deck. Difficult. No redeal.

accordion solitaire
Accordion Solitaire
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Accordion Solitaire uses 52 cards. All cards are dealt face up in a row, left to right, one card to a pile.

The object of the game
To stack the cards back up into a single pile.

The rules
Any pile can be moved onto the pile to its left, or the pile third to its left, provided the top cards of the piles match in either suit or rank. When you move a pile in the middle of the row, all the other piles are shifted to fill an empty space.

Strategy tips
You should select four cards of the same rank, clustered near each other and near the end of the layout. The strategy is to try to get all four selected cards to the end of the layout and never cover them with anything else until the very end of the game.

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