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Clock Solitaire Solitaire

1 deck. Easy. No redeal.

Clock Solitaire
Clock Solitaire
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This solitaire uses one deck (52 cards). All cards are dealt face down into 13 piles of four cards each. 12 piles are arranged like a clock dial with the 13-th pile placed in the middle of the circle.

The object of the game
To move all cards to the piles that correspond to their rank, with jack as 11 o'clock, queen as 12, Ace as 1, etc. Kings are placed to the 13-th pile in the middle of the circle.

The rules
The top card of the last (13th) pile is turned up. Move this card to the pile that matches the rank of this card. This card is automatically moved underneath the pile and the top card of this pile is turned up. Take this new top card and move it to the pile corresponding to its rank. Continue this process until all Kings are placed on the 13th pile.

The game is won when the last card you turn up is the fourth King. The game is lost if the last (4th) King is turned up before all the other piles are completed.

There is no redeal.