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Depot Solitaire

2 decks. Average. No redeals.

Depot Solitaire
Depot Solitaire
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This solitaire uses two decks (104 cards). You have 5 tableau piles and 8 foundations. You also have an open reserve pile with 18 cards in it. The next card dealt from the stock pile is the starter card of the foundation. The 7 other cards of the same rank are placed next to it as they become available.

The object of the game
To build the foundations up, regardless of suits, until each pile contains thirteen cards.

The rules
The top cards of tableaus, reserve and stock piles are available to play. You can move cards onto foundations in ascending order regardless of suit.

When you have made all the moves initially available, start putting unplayable cards on any of the five tableau piles.

There are no restrictions on placing cards from the stock pile to the tableau piles.

You cannot move cards between reserve piles and tableau piles or from one tableau pile to another.

The skill in this game is to decide which tableau pile to put each card in. You shouldn't block lower cards by higher ones unless it is absolutely necessary.

There is no redeal.

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