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Florentine Solitaire

1 deck. Average. 1 redeal.

Florentine Solitaire
Florentine Solitaire
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Florentine Solitaire uses one deck (52 cards). You have 5 tableau piles placed on the board in the form of a cross. One card is dealt to each pile at the start of the game. The next card is dealt into the top left corner of the cross. This will be the starter card of the foundations. The three other cards of the same rank, when they become available, are placed in the remaining corners of the cross.

The object of the game
To build the foundations up in suit until each pile contains thirteen cards.

The rules
The top cards of tableau piles are available to play on the foundations. You may build tableau piles (except the central tableau pile) down regardless of suit. The central tableau pile can contain one card only. It may be used on a foundation pile, but not moved to another tableau pile. When any tableaus are empty you can fill the space with any card.

When you have made all the moves initially available, begin turning over cards from the stock pile to the waste pile. You can move cards from the waste pile to the tableau piles and to the foundations according to the rules above.

You have one redeal.

Florentine is very similar to Four Seasons.