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Four Packs Solitaire

2 decks. Average. 1 redeal.

Four Packs Solitaire
Four Packs Solitaire
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Four Packs Solitaire uses 104 cards (2 decks). You have 10 tableau piles with one card in each pile.

The object of the game
To manipulate the tableau into 4 piles, one for each suit, with the cards in sequence from Ace to King (A,2,3,4,...,J,Q,K,A,2,3,...,J,Q,K).

The rules
The Tableau piles are built up in suit. Groups of cards in ascending sequence by suit are moved as a unit. Only all cards at a time can be moved from pile to pile. The top card of the destination deck must have the rank of one point lower than the bottom card rank of the source pile. A space may be filled by any card from the waste pile.

You have one redeal.