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Ingenuous Solitaire

2 decks. Average. No redeal.

Ingenuous Solitaire
Ingenuous Solitaire
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Ingenuous Solitaire uses two decks (104 cards). 8 cards (top) are the start row. There is space for 8 foundations below the start row. 8 reserve piles with 12 cards in each pile are placed below the foundations.

The object of the game
To build the foundations up, regardless of suits, finishing each foundation with a card from the start row.

The rules
Cards of rank one point lower than corresponding cards from start row are moved from reserve piles to the foundations. You should build foundations up regardless of suit. Only the top card of each reserve pile is available for play on the foundations. You cannot move cards from one reserve pile to another one.

When you have made all available moves to the foundations, press the ReArrange button to rearrange the reserve piles in a special way. The top card of the first reserve pile is dealt to the same reserve pile, the remainder are dealt to the second pile and so on until the cards run out. This can be repeated for each of the 8 reserve piles.

There is no redeal.

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