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Perpetual Motion Solitaire

1 deck. Easy. Unlimited redeals.

Perpetual Motion Solitaire
Perpetual Motion Solitaire
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Perpetual Motion Solitaire uses one deck (52 cards).

You have one foundation, and 4 tableau piles.

The object of the game
To discard all cards from tableau piles to the foundation.

The rules
Four cards are dealt, one on each pile from the stock pile. The top card of each pile is available for play. If two or more cards on different tableaus have the same rank, they are moved to the leftmost of the equal cards. If four cards in a row are of the same rank, they are immediately discarded to the foundation pile.

When you have made all the moves initially available, click on the stock pile to deal the next four cards onto the tableau piles.

When the stock pile is empty, click on the ReDeal button to restack cards.

The game is won if you discard the entire deck.

According to a computer analysis by Mark Masten, Perpetual Motion is won 8.67% of the time, assuming every available move is played (it takes an average of 44.7 deals before a game is either won, or a repeating loop is encountered). Even from within a loop, almost every game can be won if certain available moves are not played.

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