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Poker Solitaire

1 deck. Average. No redeal.

Poker Solitaire
Poker Solitaire
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Poker Solitaire uses one deck (52 cards).You have 25 tableau piles. Each tableau pile may contain only one card. You cannot move cards from one tableau pile to another.

The object of the game
To make the highest possible total score for ten poker hand, represented by the five rows and the five columns. The scores are:

  • Royal flush: 30 10,J,Q,K, Ace of the same suit

  • Straight flush: 30 5 card sequence in same suit

  • Four of a kind: 16 4 of the same rank + 1 odd card

  • Streight: 12 all in sequence but not of one suit

  • Full house: 10 3 same-rank cards + 2 of another rank

  • Three of a kind: 6 3 same-rank cards + 2 odd cards

  • Flush: 5 all one suit but not in sequence

  • Two pairs: 3 2 pairs + 1 odd card

  • One pair: 1 1 pair + 3 odd cards

The game is counted as Won if your total score is 70 or more.

There is no redeal.

This game is entirely different from any other solitaire variations.

Alternative name:

  • Poker Square