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Striptease Solitaire

1 deck. Difficult. No redeal.

Striptease Solitaire
Striptease Solitaire
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Striptease Solitaire uses one deck (52 cards). You have 4 tableau piles and 4 foundations.

13 cards are dealt to each tableau pile at the start of the game. 4 Queens are dealt first, followed by 4 face down cards. The remaining cards are dealt face up.

The object of the game
To move all cards (except Queens) to the foundations. You may build them up or down, regardless of suits. Kings are considered consecutive with both Aces and Jacks.

The rules
You can move the exposed cards from the tableau piles to the foundations. A foundation space may be filled with any card.

You cannot move cards from one tableau pile to another.

None of the face down cards are allowed to be turned face up until all other cards have been played to foundations.

Queens are not played to the foundations.

There is no redeal.

This game was invented by David Parlett.

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