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Tuffet Solitaire

1 deck. Difficult. No redeal.

Tuffet Solitaire
Tuffet Solitaire
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This solitaire uses one deck (52 cards). You have 10 tableau piles. 6 cards are dealt to the first and the last pile and 5 cards are dealt to the each of remaining eight piles at the start of the game. All cards are dealt face up.

The object of the game
To build 4 sequences down in suit within the tableau (each running from King to Ace).

The rules
The top cards of tableau piles are available to play. You may build tableau piles down in suit or in the same rank, ending at Ace. Groups of cards either in sequence downwards in suit or of the same rank may be moved as a unit, provided that where they join it follows either rule. (But the moved group cannot contain both descending suit sequence and cards of the same rank).

You cannot build a King on an Ace.

When a tableau becomes empty you can fill the space with any card or legal sequence of cards.

There is no redeal.

Tuffet is a variation of Miss Muffet.