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Zodiac Solitaire

2 decks. Average. Unlimited redeals.

Zodiac Solitaire
Zodiac Solitaire
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This solitaire uses 104 cards (2 decks). 8 cards are dealt in a horisontal row to make up the reserve called the "equator". Next 24 cards are dealt around the equator to form a tableau called the "zodiac". 8 foundations are not formed till the end of the game. They are to consist of 4 Aces (one of each suit) and 4 Kings (one of each suit).

The object of the game
To build the Aces up in suit to Kings, and the Kings down in suit to Aces.

The rules

The game has two phases.

During the first phase you have to play all cards from the stock and waste piles into the Zodiac and Equator. You can build zodiac piles up or down by suit. Changes of direction are allowed. Aces are not consecutive with Kings. The Zodiac can be built upon by cards from the Equator or from the waste. Cards in the Zodiac can not be used until the start of the second phase. You can not move cards from one zodiac pile to another or to the Equator.

Each Equator pile may contain only one card. Empty spaces in the Equator may be filled from the waste.

Turn cards from the stock pile to the waste pile. Build cards from the waste pile to the Zodiac if possible or fill spaces in the Equator. You can redeal as many times as you wish until all cards are played to the Zodiac and Equator. If it is impossible, the game is lost.

When all cards have been played to the Zodiac and Equator, the second phase begins. You form 8 foundations and build all cards on them using successively exposed cards of the Zodiac and Equator.