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List of solitaire games

BVS Solitaire Collection is a computer game for Windows, Mac, iPad and iPhone. You can choose between different types of solitaire card game with various difficulty levels, and with more than 570 variations. All popular classic games are included: FreeCell, Spider Solitaire, Klondike, Accordion, Canfield, Diplomat, Golf, Pyramid, Forty Thieves, Seahaven Towers,Scorpion, Tri Peaks, Tri Towers, and other less known, but equally addictive games...  (See the rules of all games)

You can play the largest collection of original solitaire games not found elsewhere. Learn how to play extremely popular Topsy-turvy Queens, King's Secrets, Napoleon Leaves Moscow and Twelve Sleeping Maids.

Freecell Solitaire Screenshot
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10 Freecell type games
Baker's Game, Baker's Game Two Deck, Big FreeCell, Castle, Eight Off, FreeCell, Penguin, Prison, Seahaven Towers, Stalactites

Klondike Solitaire Screenshot
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27 Klondike Solitaire type games
Agnes, Blind Alleys, Carlton, Cone, Double Klondike, Downhill, EastHaven, Harp, King Albert, Kingsley, Klondike Solitaire, Klondike II, Kosynka I, Kosynka II, Milligan Harp, Raglan, Saratoga, Scarf I, Scarf II, Seven Devils, Seven in a Row, Somerset, Thumb and Pouch, Victoria, Westcliff, White Scarf, Whitehead

Spider Solitaire Screenshot
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19 Spider Solitaire type games

Black Widow, Bob's Scorpion, Curds and Whey, Double Scorpion, Gigantic Spider, Mrs Mop, Open Scorpion, Open Spider, Scorpion Solitaire, Simple Simon, Spider Solitaire, Spider Solitaire One Suit, Spider Solitaire Two Suit, Spiderette, Spiderwort, Tarantula, Three Blind Mice, Wasp, Will o' the Wisp.

Pyramid solitaire screenshot
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All popular solitaire games
Aces Up, Accordion, Bristol, Calculation, Carpet, Cruel, Crescent, Forty Thieves, Gaps, Golf, Josephine, Push-Pin, Pyramid Solitaire, Russian Solitaire, Yukon Solitaire and more...

Solitaire screenshot
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Other types of solitaire games
Babette, Batsford, Beehive, Beleaguered Castle, Crazy Quilt, Double Canfield, Flower Garden, Maze, Open Crescent, Osmosis, Thieves of Egypt, Tournament, and more...

Topsy-turvy queens solitaire screenshot
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More then 100 original games not found elsewhere

Topsy-Turvy Queens, King's Secrets, Twelve Sleeping Maids, and more...

   and more...

Do you ever find yourself wanting to put your own unique spin on a classic solitaire game? Well, the good news is that it's easier than you might think. By simply tweaking the rules of any included game, you can create your very own solitaire variation in no time. With endless possibilities and opportunities for creativity, this is the perfect way to inject some excitement and personal flair into your gameplay. So why not give it a try today and enjoy the endless entertainment that comes with crafting your very own solitaire masterpiece?

Looking for a great solitaire computer game? Look no further than BVS Solitaire Collection! With over 565 different solitaire games to choose from, including popular classic, as well as a wide range of lesser-known variations, there's something for everyone in this comprehensive collection. Whether you're a seasoned solitaire player or new to the game, BVS Solitaire Collection offers endless hours of entertainment and challenge. So why wait? Download BVS Solitaire Collection today and discover the ultimate solitaire gaming experience on your computer!