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Jubilee Solitaire

2 decks. Average. 2 redeals.

Jubilee Solitaire
Jubilee Solitaire
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Jubilee Solitaire uses one deck (52 cards). You have 4 tableau piles and 8 foundations.

Kings are moved to the foundations at the start of the game.

The object of the game
To build up all cards on foundations in suit in the following order:

K, A, J, 2, 10 ,3 ,9 ,4 ,8 ,5 ,7 ,6 , Q.

The rules
You can move cards from the stock to the foundations and tableau piles. There are no restrictions on placing cards from the stock pile to the tableau piles. Only the top card of each pile is available for play on the Foundations.

You cannot move cards from pile to pile.

You have two redeals.

The skill in this game is to decide which tableau pile to put each card in.

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