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BVS Solitaire Collection features:

  • 510 Solitaire Card Games (see the list of solitaire games). All your favorite solitaire games are included: Spider Solitaire, Klondike, Freecell, Pyramid, Scorpion, Russian Solitaire, Seahaven Towers, Yukon etc.
  • over 100 original variations not found elsewhere. It's the largest collection of original solitaires
  • user customizable rules of almost any of the included games
  • smoothly resizable playing cards
  • more than 4 billion possible starting positions for each game
  • "You Are Stuck" feature lets you know if there are no more legal moves to be made
  • "Show Next Move" command allows to check available moves to make
  • support for both Drag-and-Drop and Point-and-Click methods to move cards
  • selectable card backs and backgrounds
  • any BMP or JPEG image can be used as a custom background and card back
  • customized card sets for registered users
  • empty foundation pile indicator
  • convenient user-customizable toolbar
  • multi-level undo/redo
  • save game position along with undo/redo history
  • statistics for multiple players
  • log of played games
  • score history graph indicates your performance аnd progress in playing selected solitaire game
  • publishing statistics to the BVS Solitaire Collection Web site
  • instruction guide to each solitaire game
  • restart play feature
  • shuffle selection feature
  • automatic card moving
  • automatic game saving on exit
  • sound

What is new in version 8.0.1

Version History